Fraud is still far too common in the art world. Behind each great artist is an incredible copycat, looking over their shoulder with attention to every detail. The forgeries often take a true expert to distinguish between real and fake. While the traditional art world has a rich history of deception, non-fungible tokens have presented a solution to the question of ownership, both for physical and non-physical goods. Digital artists are in the spotlight and their creations are finally receiving some much overdo attention, but while NFTs have presented a solution for chain of custody, the problem of origin still…


The year is 2021. Thousands of new cryptocurrencies are minted every year, each offering its own unique value proposition in an ever-crowded market, and yet, even with all the innovations, blockchain economy revolves primarily around investment strategy and decentralized finance. Looking for relief from economic hardship and uncertainty in traditional markets, people are eager to participate in the blockchain ecosystem. The NFT craze has inspired a new rush, but the growing popularity of digital artworks will never translate into a widely profitable, or equitable, digital economy. Alas, economic polarization has only been amplified. There have been few advancements in the…

T.M. Robinson

Small Business Owner, Blockchain Investor

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